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China international battery technology exchange/exhibition

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  "China international battery technology exchange conference/exhibition(CIBF)"is an international regular meeting of battery industry sponsored by China chemical and physical power industry association.It is held every two years in China and is the largest exhibition of battery industry in the world.China chemical and physical power industry association held the"12th China international battery technology exchange/exhibition(CIBF2016)"in shenzhen from May 24 to 26,2016.Simultaneously held:the first China international energy storage technology and application exhibition and the first China international mobile power exhibition.

  The company and more than 1300 enterprises participated in this grand meeting,which gathered the cutting-edge technology and the latest solutions of the global top battery industry chain.

  At the exhibition site,the company displayed the power battery test equipment(CT2014F),new small current battery test system,new battery pack test system,etc.The holding of this exhibition improved the communication between the company and experts and scholars at home and abroad and the industry,which is of great significance for promoting the power battery test system developed by the company.




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