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The second China (Beijing) international electric vehicle technology exhibition and fair

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  EVTecChina2017 the second China(Beijing)international electric vehicle technology exhibition,trade fair on June 21-23,2017,held in the national conference center in Beijing,held BatteryChina2017 the 13th China international battery products and raw and auxiliary materials,spare parts,machinery and equipment trade fair,this exhibition aims to promote new energy vehicles and the popularization,to meet consumer demand for new energy vehicles growing,focusing on"electric,intelligent,lightweight"three big industry hotspot,Comprehensive display of domestic and foreign electric vehicle industry chain of the latest trends,the latest technology,the latest technology,the latest products.

  LANHE was invited to participate in the whole exhibition,and conducted in-depth technical exchanges with customers at home and abroad.In particular,some customers from India,Russia,Taiwan and other countries and regions were very satisfied with the company's 18650 battery charging and discharging instrument,and confirmed the purchase intention and process on the spot.




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