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The 15th national applied chemistry annual conference opened in tianjin

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  On April 22,the 15th national applied chemistry annual conference opened in tianjin.The annual meeting is sponsored by the applied chemistry committee of the Chinese chemical society and hosted by nankai university and changchun institute of applied chemistry of the Chinese academy of sciences.The theme of the meeting is"applied chemistry and a better life".

  More than 700 delegates from 183 universities and research institutes,41 enterprises and publishing houses attended the conference,and 411 papers were received,which was the largest number of participants and papers received at any previous annual conference.At the two-day meeting,the delegates surrounding materials,applied chemistry and applied chemistry and energy of nano science and technology,applied chemistry and chemical industry of new materials,applied chemistry and environmental friendly materials,applied chemistry and biotechnology,applied chemistry and modern instruments development,applied chemistry communicate with seven points,such as social security issues for discussion,reports the latest research achievements in the field of applied chemistry,research development trend in this field,academic frontiers and hot research topic.

  As one of the sponsors of this meeting,LANHE participated in the whole process of this meeting and exchanged Suggestions on the company's products with the participants,providing reference for our company to enrich the product line of scientific research in the later stage.




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