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2019 international symposium on electrocatalysis and electrosynthesis, Chinese chemical society

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  Under the background of the urgent need of new clean energy,various technologies for electrocatalysis and electrosynthesis will be widely used in energy transformation,storage and utilization,providing powerful technical support for the new energy industry and bringing new opportunities for the innovation and development of new materials.In recent years,electrocatalysis and electrosynthesis have given birth to many innovative researches on new materials and new reactions,which have played a great role in electrocatalysis,photoelectric catalysis,organic electromechanical synthesis and other aspects.

  Against this background,the 2018 international symposium on electrocatalysis and electrosynthesis was successfully held in changsha,hunan province at the end of March 2018.In order to strengthen the achievements of the Symposium and further promote extensive exchanges and development,we are specially organizing the 2019 International Symposium on Electrocatalysis and Electrosynthesis of the Chinese chemical society.Sponsored by the Chinese chemical society and co-sponsored by the electrochemical committee of the Chinese chemical society and shaanxi normal university,the conference was held in shaanxi hotel,xi'an,shaanxi province from March 29 to 31,2019.

  The core idea of this meeting is to strengthen the innovative research in the fields of electrocatalysis and electrosynthesis,promote cross-research,and link up the sustainable development of related new energy industries.The conference includes various links such as topic expert discussion,topic discussion,topic speech and paper presentation,with more than 800 participants.There will be 11 general assembly reports,60 theme reports,108 invited reports and 43 youth BBS reports.The conference also set up a number of"outstanding youth report award"and"outstanding wall newspaper award".The conference invited guests from universities,research institutes,enterprises,publishing groups and other fields to conduct exchanges and discussions,providing a high-level exchange and interactive platform for scientific research workers in this field.

  "2019"isee LANHE very lucky as a proud sponsor of the meeting,set up a booth at the scene,make CT3001A type of super capacitor testing equipment demonstration and promotion,the higher-ups and experts at home and abroad and the Chinese academy of sciences institute of physics,tsinghua university,Beijing university,hefei university of technology,hunan university Wang Shuangyin,Yin Shibin teachers in guangxi university,jilin normal university Lv Shiquan teachers,south China university of technology,nankai university and other new and old users,has been the consistent high praise and affirmation of.




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