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Power software engineer


1. Responsible for software development of DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC power supply

2. Cooperate with hardware engineers to conduct product debugging and testing in laboratory and on site;

3. Responsible for the preparation and application of corresponding patents;

4. Responsible for writing and filing software documents.

Job requirements:

1. Education/major: electronics, electrical, computer and other related majors, bachelor degree or above, excellent candidates can relax the requirements;

2. English proficiency: able to read and write English materials;

3. Work experience: three or more years of power product development experience, experience in grid-connected inverter is preferred;

4. Able to build mathematical models and at least one software of simulation analysis, such as PSIM, Matlab/Simulink, etc.;

5. Strong software programming ability and learning ability, at least familiar with the application of one chip in STM32/TI 2000 series;

6. Familiar with PID control, repetitive control, grid-connected inverter and other common control algorithms.

Company benefits:

1. Salary: basic salary + post salary + housing allowance + social security allowance + transportation allowance + traditional holiday red envelope;

2. Company benefits: social security + provident fund + year-end bonus + working lunch package;

3. Working hours: 8:30-12:00-17:30 weekends;

4. Pay adjustment twice a year and travel once a year;




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Business Mailbox

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