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2017 China's fourth national solid ion youth academic exchange conference

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  The 2017 council meeting of solid state ion branch of Chinese silicate society and the fourth national solid state ion youth academic exchange meeting were held in qinghai salt lake research institute of Chinese academy of sciences in xining,qinghai province from July 21 to 25,2017.The seminar will be sponsored by the solid ion branch of Chinese silicate society,undertaken by qinghai salt lake research institute of Chinese academy of sciences,and co-organized by qinghai chemical society,qinghai taifeng lithium energy technology co.,LTD.,qinghai times new energy technology co.,LTD.,qinghai greengrass new energy co.,LTD.Seminars around the theme of"solid ion and new energy,with an emphasis on youth academic exchanges,and emphasizes the frontier to explore,in view of the current hot issues in the field of solid-state ion learn expand exchanges,promote the construction of discipline development and scientific and technological innovation,actively the development of science and technology advice,recommendations for the local industry development,ideas,and exchanging and facilitate solid-state ion and new energy industry in China science and technology progress.Topics covered include lithium/sodium batteries,supercapacitors,fuel(metal-air)batteries/sensors and other related materials,and chemical issues.

  As one of the sponsors of the meeting,the company participated in the whole process of the meeting and conducted the demonstration and promotion of prototype products.The company exchanged opinions and Suggestions with the participants on the functions of the company's products and the use of software,which provided reference basis for our company to enrich the product line of scientific research in the later stage.




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