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The company participated in the first academic conference of new energy materials and devices in China

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  Composed of nonferrous metals society of China,the national natural science fund committee jointly organized by engineering and material science,central south university,central south university institute of metallurgy and environment,semiconductor materials academic committee of China nonferrous metals association,the north China metallurgical engineering consulting(Beijing)co.,LTD.,to undertake"China new energy material and devices of the first academic conference"on September 20,2017-22,held in hunan changsha purui spa.

  The conference invited leaders of the association,academicians,well-known experts and scholars in the industry and representatives of enterprises to give special reports on relevant national policies and technological development.Meeting in industry technology development goals and tasks to conduct a comprehensive in-depth discussion,summarizes the recent development of advanced production technology and key technology,this paper summarizes and combined with typical engineering example and comparative analysis,to guide our country new energy material and devices industrial upgrading,to ensure the industry sustainable development,improve the enterprise core competitive ability of guidance and reference significance.

  Full name as an old friend of central south university,we were invited to participate in the meeting,at the scene of the meeting,to LANHE platform between teachers and students in an endless stream,the company technical personnel seriously answered all the teachers and students in the blue electrical equipment use all sorts of problems encountered in the process,get the consistent good opinion of everyone attending guest,after the work,we will continue to work hard,make a more stable precision testing instruments,the escort for battery research.




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